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OAC 260:115-3-17 - Contract Award

  1. Time of award. The contract award shall be made upon completion of bid evaluation and associated administrative tasks necessary to complete the acquisition. State agency personnel shall not announce or reveal their decision regarding supplier evaluation or recommendation for award in any public manner or forum, until the State Purchasing Director has issued the award of contract. 
  2. Reasons for bid rejection. The State Purchasing Director may reject a bid when the bid is determined to be non-responsive or the bid is from a supplier who is not responsible, for reasons included, but not limited to, those listed in 260:115-7-32
  3. Notification of successful bidder. The State Purchasing Director shall notify the successful bidder within five (5) business days of the contract award. 
  4. Public inspection. The evaluation documentation shall be open for public inspection, upon request, following contract award. 

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