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Frequently Asked Questions

RAC is the OMES Risk, Assessment and Compliance division. The creation of this new division was spurred by Gov. Stitt's executive order, the Legislative Office of Fiscal Transparency’s report, and Attorney General Drummond's opinion, all which direct and clarify OMES’ authority to provide enhanced oversight of state agency procurement practices and overall spending. In addition to the assessment and compliance components, OMES RAC oversees the state’s risk insurance portfolio.

Celonis is a process analysis tool used by OMES RAC to improve business practices and track purchasing anomalies. When purchasing anomalies are detected, a data point flag notification is sent to the buyer. As we work through the data points for PO lines that meet one of the data criteria, we will email directly from the platform to the buyer responsible for the PO.

The Celonis platform communication will inform on the change or additional information needed to clarify the spend. The team will work POs issued in FY 2024 only, and the created flags for the data points are informational only with no required changes at this time. There is potential for the buyer to receive a significant number of emails as OMES RAC works through these POs. While there may be a significant volume of emails, this is temporary due to the need to work all FY 2024 POs.

Note: Some flags may be able to be corrected and some may not. If you can correct them, please do so.

By following the standards communicated on the additional information needed when creating POs, you can proactively eliminate the creation of the data point flags for new POs, thus preventing emails being sent from the platform.

Yes. Training opportunities are made available via Certified Procurement Officer (CPO) announcements and brown bag webinars. More training opportunities will be available soon.

  • To be added to CPO announcements: Go to and enter your email address under Stay Connected to subscribe to OMES alerts and select Sign Up to get to the subscription topics page. Under Subscription Topics, select Internal Group, then Agencies and then Roles. Finally, select Agencies 
    – Certified Procurement Officers. You can update your subscriptions, modify your password or email address, or stop subscriptions at any time on your Subscriber Preferences page. Use your email address to log in. If you have questions or problems with the subscription service, please visit If you have questions or problems related to the IT accessibility of this message, please contact the OMES accessibility compliance representative at

No. OMES RAC will not be adjusting POs in PeopleSoft.

Last Modified on Oct 16, 2023
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