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March 2024

Volume 34, Number 9 | Fiscal Year 2024 | March 7, 2024

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Supplier registration assistance (suppliers and state agencies) – State agency personnel, procurement suppliers and bidders with questions or issues may email for assistance.

State agency payee update and registration invitation requests and support – state agencies should no longer use and should now email for assistance for requests regarding manual updates to payees and their PeopleSoft supplier records or to request invitations to register be sent to payees with existing supplier IDs. This communication channel has been created specifically for state agencies and should not be used by state payees or suppliers.

Payee registration support – Payees requiring assistance with the online registration processes should contact for assistance.

EFT registration and change requests (payees and suppliers) – OMES Payee Registration will continue to process and support all EFT registration processing. Payees and suppliers may establish and maintain payment addresses and apply EFT direct deposit payment instruction within their online account. Entities requiring assistance in establishing EFT direct deposit information on their PeopleSoft Supplier ID should no longer use and should now email

Payment or EFT payment/remittance advice inquiries – Payees may now review their payment history and voucher details, update their remittance contacts and EFT payment information within their online registration account. Entities needing additional information or assistance may contact


Oklahoma Secretary of Budget
John Laws

Statewide Accounts Payable

Voucher Processing:

Payroll Transaction Processing:
Lisa Raihl

Purchase Cards Assistance:
Loretta Caldwell

Payee and Supplier Registration:
Lesli Bajema

OMES Service Desk:
405-521-2444 or toll-free

OMES Services CAR Accounting
Bethany Patterson

Financial Report Unit
Roy Garcia, CPA

Replacement Warrants

Payroll Reporting:
Lisa Raihl, CPA

Travel Office
(and online booking tool):

Supplier Registration Assistance:

Last Modified on Mar 20, 2024
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