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Certification Assessments

To become certified as a teacher, you must pass an Oklahoma Subject Area Test (OSAT) and a Praxis Performance Assessment for Teachers (PPAT). To become certified as an administrator, you must pass a principal or superintendent OSAT.

You may find information on the two types of tests at the following websites:

For questions about the OSATs, contact CEOE Program at or 866-565-4893.

For questions about the PPAT, contact ETS at or 800-772-9476. 

Please visit for study guides and preparation materials. 

You may find it helpful to obtain a subject-area textbook from a college bookstore or library for additional study resources.

  • OSAT test fee = $118
  • PPAT test fee = $300.

Examinees may select one of these options:

  1. Test in person at one of the 34 testing centers located around the state
  2. Test with an online proctor at a convenient location, such as your home, school, or business. 

OSAT examinees must present one of the following types of identification:

  1. Driver’s license with photograph and signature
  2. Passport with photograph and signature
  3. Military identification with photograph and signature
  4. Alien Registration Card (green card, permanent resident visa). 

Please visit or call 866-565-4893 for information about alternative testing arrangements. 

Examinees may not use personal calculators on tests. However, on-screen calculators are automatically provided for tests that allow them. 

Scores report 20 days after the testing window closes. For example, if the testing window is open March 5th through April 1st, the scores will report on April 20th. You will receive an email from the testing company on the day your score reports. 

Yes, you may retake the test, but most CEOE/OSAT tests have a 30-day retake policy. 

  • For OSAT, total test scores are reported as scaled scores using a range from 100 to 300, with 240 as the minimum passing scaled score.  
  • For PPAT, a score of 38 or above is required for passing. 

Two requirements must be met for an out-of-state test review:

  1. You were previously certified in another state OR have a copy of admission to the teacher education program (or alternative program).
  2. You have a copy of your test score report.

Please contact OEQA at for complete directions on requesting an out-of-state test review.

The Teacher Certification Office at the Oklahoma State Department of Education processes fingerprints and fees for certification. Please direct all questions regarding teacher certification, fingerprints, college transcripts, proof of teaching, and $50 processing fees to a Certification Specialist at (405) 521-3337.

Last Modified on May 10, 2024
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