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School Transfer Audits

The School Transfer Audit Program, enacted as a result of Senate Bill 783 and further amended by House Bill 3038, has been in effect since January 1, 2022. This law governs the transfer of students between school districts, contingent upon specific conditions and the capacity of receiving districts. It mandates that district boards of education establish transfer policies, determine capacity levels for each grade and every school site, and update this information on their websites quarterly.

As required by statute (70 O.S.§ 8-101.2G), OEQA is tasked with conducting annual audits on ten percent of the state’s school districts. These audits scrutinize each district’s handling of transfer requests in accordance with their established policies. If discrepancies in capacity reporting are detected, the OEQA is required to adjust the capacity levels accordingly.

The primary objectives of this program include providing transparent transfer data to facilitate informed decision-making for families, promoting school choice across Oklahoma, and ensuring districts adhere to transfer policies effectively. By holding districts accountable for accurate reporting and fair treatment of transfer requests, the program seeks to enhance educational opportunities throughout the state.

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Last Modified on Apr 25, 2024