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Mission, Vision, and Values


I3: Inform, Improve and Innovate


Excellence in Education

We envision an educational system where all Oklahoma students receive a high-quality education through data-driven decision-making, continuous improvement, and transformative innovation.


  1. Educational Excellence: Ensuring every student has access to a top-quality, evidence-based education.
  2. Data Accessibility: Ensuring all stakeholders have accessible, high-quality data to inform decision-making and enhance educational quality.
  3. Innovation: Promoting a culture of innovation and continuous improvement to the impact of educational programs.
  4. Resource Efficiency: Resources through high-impact, cost-effective programs.
  5. Statewide Impact: Ensuring that our programs are accessible and impactful for stakeholders throughout the entire state.
  6. Collaboration and Partnership: Encouraging collaboration among all stakeholders to support a unified approach to educational improvement.
Last Modified on Apr 24, 2024
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