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Teacher Performance Assessments
Subject area, performance-based assessments for teachers centered on student impact, providing data to inform teacher preparation.

Teacher Subject Area Assessments
Subject area assessments for teachers centered on content and pedagogical knowledge, providing data to inform teacher preparation.

Teacher Preparation
Collaborative partnerships between educator preparation and P-12 schools, centering education coursework around teaching experiences in the school setting.

National Board Certified Teachers
Supporting and recognizing teacher leaders who have attained a prestigious certification level.

Districts and Schools

State Report
Trend data presenting an overall picture of Oklahoma education within communities and the state.

District and School Profiles
Comprehensive reports with data on community characteristics, district educational process, and student performance.

School Performance Reviews
Comprehensive performance reviews evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of school district budgets and operations. 

Educator Preparation

Educator Preparation Accountability
Rigorous expectations for educator preparation accreditation, mentor teacher qualifications, clinical experiences, and state program approval processes.

Educator Preparation Professional Learning
Training and support for educator preparation:

  • Mentoring/Induction
  • NBCT support
  • CAEP and state accreditation standards

Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium Model Core Teaching Standards (InTASC) InTASC standards integrated into educator preparation and candidate assessments, emphasizing student achievement and aligned with 21st century student standards.

Last Modified on Apr 29, 2024
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