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Accreditation Site Reviews

Accreditation reviews for Educator Preparation Providers (EPPs) occur during seven-year cycles of continuous improvement. The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) outlines the timeline for the process:

Standard CAEP Accreditation Process

  1. Template opens in AIMS – 18 months prior to visit semester (CAEP)
  2. Self Study Report (SSR) - due to CAEP 9 months prior to visit (EPP)
  3. Team is formed - (CAEP)
  4. Formative Meeting - (team)
  5. Formative Feedback Report (FFR) - Team will submit FFR to EPP within 5 months prior to visit (team)
  6. SSR Addendum – EPP has 60 days to submit after FFR is received (EPP)
  7. Site Review Report (SRR) - Team submits within 30 days of Site Review to CAEP (team)
  8. Factual correction – EPP submits any factual corrections within 7 days (EPP)
  9. Final SRR – Submitted within 7 days of factual correction (team lead)
  10. Rejoinder – EPP has 30 days after receiving Final SRR to respond (EPP)
  11. Rejoinder response – Team lead has 2 weeks after receipt of Rejoinder to respond (team lead)
  12. Accreditation Council – Meets in October (for past Spring reviews) and April (for Fall reviews)
  13. Council for Educational Quality and Accountability (CEQA) votes on state accreditation for EPP – Fall or Spring meeting after the CAEP Council renders its accreditation decision
Last Modified on Apr 24, 2024
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