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Provider Update Page

The ODMHSAS Provider Update Page (PUP) is designed to keep Providers up to date on available information to better serve Oklahomans within the department's network of services. This page is updated with information relating to ODMHSAS programs, comprehensive trainings available to staff, and in-depth resources on a monthly basis.

Program Updates

These program pages have received some major updates! Follow the links below to see any new and relevant information on:

ODMHSAS is seeking feedback to guide training decisions for 2023.  Your responses will be used to determine the types of training and the style of training offered throughout 2023.

The Oklahoma State Planning and Advisory Council is seeking recommendations for new members. Applicants can fill out the attached form and email their application to Stephanie Gay.

Crisis Talk

ODMHSAS and partners are holding monthly online meetings devoted to discussing the Comprehensive Crisis Response system and how it impacts Oklahoma Providers related to 988 and mobile crisis response. This discussion will have experts from multiple aspects of the crisis response continuum. Visit this page weekly for info on attending these online presentations. Currently, these meetings are scheduled to occur monthly at 11:00 AM on January 24th, February 28th, March 28th, April 25th, May 23rd, and June 27th 2023 via zoom.

Network of Care

ODMHSAS partners with Network of Care to help consumers identify services in their area. ODMHSAS and provider staff can keep this information up to date via the Network of Care website.

New & Upcoming Trainings

Are You OK? - A two-part e-learning intended for adults who serve as organizational owners, managers, supervisors, human resources staff, and others to learn how to prevent and respond to suicide in the workplace.

IDD, Autism & Mental Health: Treating the Whole Person - This presentation highlights the diagnostic presentations, data, accommodations and treatment, and equity, allowing for the evolution and construction of high-quality inclusive service delivery systems with co-occurring diagnoses. In-person training dates in February and March.

Mobile Crisis: Working with Youth in Crisis - This training will help the learner understand how to work with youth, including assessment and intervention, the dynamics and risk factors with youth suicide, and working collaboratively with youth and families during a crisis.

Family Care Plan - A values-based approach to empowering pregnant and postpartum individuals with a substance use disorder with the resources and tools to help them navigate their recovery journey.

Prevention Rounds: Trends & Approaches to Addressing Underage Drinking - An overview of the serious issue of underage drinking, along with evidence-based and promising strategies to address this problem.

Continency Management Training Application - The cohort for implementation TA and coaching is limited to 46 participants.  The cohort will be chosen first come first serve upon receipt of the attached application.  We will have a 2nd cohort and if you want to be in that cohort you will need to take a short refresher prior to if you take this training.  Please send the applications to and

Approved ASI & ASAM - ODMHSAS provides instruction on accessing ASI Training and ASAM Training. Below are links to trainings outside the ODMHSAS course system.
ASAM eLearningASAM Continuum | The Change Company On-Demand Training

Additional Information


Find recent provider-focused presentation materials below. Visit the Presentations page for an archive of ODMHSAS presentations.

March 2023

SUD Director's Meeting - APA WF 22-16 Statewide HIE & OKSHINE Overview

February 2023

Traylor Rains (OHCA) provided this helpful information as it relates to the PHE unwinding process, beginning in May, 2023, and the Pregnancy and Postpartum Coverage he spoke about at the SUD Director's Meeting on 2/23/2023.
Purple Letter WordDoc | Purple Letter Email Draft | PPC PDF | PPC Spanish PDF

Oklahoma Student Loan Repayment Program Presentation Documents from Jana Castleberry and Melanie Reese (OSDH):
OK Health Corps Overview | Eligible Sites

January 2023

SUD Director's Meeting - Employment and Housing Strategies

Public Health Emergency

New guidelines are being issues around Oklahoma's Public Health Emergency

Health Information Exchange

OHCA documentation around the new HIE

Relevant Resources


The Lifeline For Mental Health


OK I'm Ready

Consumer Focused Mail Service for Naloxone


Family Field Guide

Because Kids Don't Come With Instructions


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