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Provider Update Page

The ODMHSAS Provider Update Page (PUP) is designed to keep Providers up to date on available information to better serve Oklahomans within the department's network of services. This page is updated with information relating to ODMHSAS programs, comprehensive trainings available to staff, and in-depth resources on a monthly basis.

Treatment Locators & Integration Partnerships

ODMHSAS has partnered with multiple organizations to provide online treatment locators for ODMHSAS certified providers across the state. Your continued support with these projects helps consumers get the treatment they deserve while maintaining a healthy provider network across the state. Continued integration into these services allows provider information to be easily accessed by consumers while also increasing traffic to certified providers that keep their information up to date.

Program Updates

These program pages have received some major updates! Follow the links below to see any new and relevant information on:

Crisis Talk

ODMHSAS and partners are holding monthly online meetings devoted to discussing the Comprehensive Crisis Response system and how it impacts Oklahoma Providers related to 988 and mobile crisis response. This discussion will have experts from multiple aspects of the crisis response continuum. Visit this page weekly for info on attending these online presentations. Currently, these meetings are scheduled to occur monthly at 11:00 AM on January 24th, February 28th, March 28th, April 25th, May 23rd, and June 27th 2023 via zoom.

Relevant Trainings and Applications

2023 Momentum Conference - Registration is open for the ODMHSAS Momentum Conference, a three-day conference dedicated to mental health, prevention, recovery and criminal justice behavioral health taking place in December. 

Prevention Rounds: Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Program: Reducing the Risk of Cannabis Use Disorders - Physicians are in a unique position to provide effective guidance for the successful management of the patient’s condition and reduce the risk of the patient experiencing potential adverse effects or developing conditions such as Cannabis Use Disorder (CUD) and Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS).

Responsible Beverage Sales & Service Training - RBSS training is required for all individuals selling or serving alcohol in stores, restaurants, or bars, and is designed to promote the legal and responsible sale and service of alcoholic beverages in Oklahoma.

Law Enforcement Officer Wellness Training - Learn how job stress can affect officer wellness, learn skills on staying mentally well, and learn about resources available to assist officer wellness.

Adult Mental Health First Aid Training - Mental Health First Aid is an 8-hour training course designed to give members of the public key skills to help someone who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis.

Crisis Intervention Training - The Crisis Intervention Team program is a community effort partnering both police officers and the community together for common goals of safety, understanding, and service to individuals with mental illness and their families.

News and Additional Information

Come celebrate Tough As A Mother Day with the OKC Dodgers on November 12th! Event details can be found here (or available in spanish) and you can register for the event here

Managed Care Guardrails: This document outlines a summary of managed care guardrails in state statute.

FY24 Boilerplate Changes: This document reflects the boilerplate changes from FY23 to FY24 via Track Changes.


Find recent provider-focused presentation materials below. Visit the Presentations page for an archive of ODMHSAS presentations.

August 2023

A standing order is now in place authorizing pharmacists practicing in a contracted pharmacy to initiate a prescription, dispense, and be reimbursed for naloxone for SoonerCare. 

May 2023

OSU Project Echo | SAMHSA MOUD Resources | DEA Diversion Schedules

April 2023

SUD IMD Demonstration Overview


988 Events

Be sure to check out upcoming events related to Oklahoma's Mental Health Lifeline

Public Health Emergency

New guidelines are being issues around Oklahoma's Public Health Emergency

Health Information Exchange

OHCA documentation around the new HIE

Relevant Resources


The Lifeline For Mental Health


OK I'm Ready

Consumer Focused Mail Service for Naloxone


Family Field Guide

Because Kids Don't Come With Instructions


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