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Moving Forward With Faith Initiative

On January 24th, 2024, ODMHSAS hosted an event that discussed all of the ways the faith community and the state are working together to reduce substance misuse and promote mental health all across Oklahoma. Speakers from different faith traditions discussed ways substance misuse and mental health challenges have impacted their communities, ideas for combating these challenges, and information on how to become involved in the MFWF State Advisory Council.

There is a recording available via Zoom that can be watched here. The password for this recording is 6e24Jm.w 

The goal of this informational is to provide you with the resources you need to engage meaningfully with the faith community through our MFWF Initiative. We’ll be covering:

  • Community and statewide challenges you would like this initiative to address
  • The role of the faith community in addressing these problems
  • Tools and strategies to build support for these efforts.
  • How working with faith communities can strengthen your programs and community work
  • Recruiting individuals to participate in the Statewide Advisory Council


Have questions, comments, or just want to tell us how excited you are for the event? Contact Bailes Chaples at

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