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2 Much 2 Lose (2M2L)

2 Much 2 Lose (2M2L) targets communities throughout the state: aiming to decrease underage drinking and related social problems, decrease youth access to alcohol through retail and social sources, increase community-level support for environmental change, and increase youth-driven prevention activities. The project's comprehensive plan includes law enforcement training and technical assistance, community mobilization, strategic partnership development, youth leadership development, alcohol retailer training, interagency collaboration, and media advocacy.

2M2L Law Enforcement and Community Tranings

The 2M2L training provides and in-depth look at environmental prevention strategies to reduce underage drinking and adult high risk drinking. The training offers specialized instruction for both law enforcement agencies and community members. Contact your local coordinator now for training near you

2M2L/SADD Youth Leadership Clubs

Any school or organization that wants to start a 2M2L/SADD club can do so by registering with SADD national. Clubs actively participate in the state’s underage drinking prevention initiative by doing local and statewide action-based activities. Youth leaders are given the tools to effectively combat underage drinking utilizing the environmental prevention model.

Responsible Beverage Sales and Service Training

Responsible Beverage Sales and Service (RBSS) is a partnership between the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services and the Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission (ABLE). The training program provides owners, managers, and servers of establishments that serve/sell alcohol with the knowledge and skills to help them serve/sell alcohol responsibly and fulfill the legal requirements of alcohol service. The class is free of charge and provides valuable Oklahoma specific alcohol merchant education.

Youth Alcohol Prevention & Intervention Programs

AlcoholEDU for High School - AlcoholEdu for High School® is an online alcohol prevention course that engages teens using the internet, videos, and project-based learning. AlcoholEdu can be implemented with youth as part of the 2M2L underage drinking prevention campaign. AlcoholEdu has demonstrated outcomes including increased student knowledge about alcohol, improved student attitudes and behaviors, and reduced negative consequences associated with underage drinking such as riding in a car with a drinking driver. AlcoholEdu delivers a personalized experience to every student and also offers a parental component.

3rd Millennium Classrooms - 3rd Millennium Classrooms offers evidence-based online alcohol education prevention and early intervention courses (Alcohol-Wise and Under the Influence). These courses aim to prevent or reduce the risk of alcohol use by teaching students a range of positive behaviors including refusal skills and educating students on the dangers associated with alcohol use. Courses include interactive exercises that use motivational interviewing strategies to engage students in a powerful learning experience that has shown to positively impact behavior. 3rd Millennium Classrooms also utilizes the evidence-based eCHECKUP TO GO brief intervention tool which provides personalized feedback to each student to move individuals towards making positive behavior changes.

Jeanette Cosby

Sr. Prevention Program Manager