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Programs Adding Services or Relocating: Overview of ODMHSAS Certification Process

The following highlights the general processes to achieve an ODMHSAS Certification status. Please call Provider Certification at 405-248-9029 for additional information on Chapter 1 Subchapter Chapter 9 of the Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 450. You may also view all of the Administrative Rules that are currently in effect.

Additional Instructions for ODMHSAS Certified Programs that Desire to Add Services or Locations after being awarded Certification by the ODMHSAS Board

  1. Facilities that anticipate potential expansion either by initiating new services or by expanding service locations should contact Provider Certification at 405-248-9029.
  1. Staff will review the options and procedures that must be followed. These vary depending on aspects of the anticipated changes but can often be efficiently accomplished with prior notice and planning between the provider and ODMHSAS Certification Staff.

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