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Administrative Rules That Are Currently In Effect

These rules are promulgated pursuant to the requirements of the Administrative Procedures Act, 75 O.S. § 250, et seq.  The purpose of these rules is to effectively implement and enforce Title 43A of the Oklahoma Statutes.  These rules supplement existing state and federal laws, and govern the formal proceedings of the ODMHSAS.

Official copies of administrative rules can be obtained only from the Office of Administrative Rules, Secretary of State. The official rules are the text accepted by the Oklahoma Secretary of State for publication in the Oklahoma Register and the Oklahoma Administrative Code as required by 75 O.S. § 250 et seq. ODMHSAS has attempted to insure the text within this publication is the same as that on file with the Secretary of State. Any differences will be decided in favor of the text on file with the Secretary of State. The Oklahoma Secretary of State website can be here found here: Oklahoma Secretary of State


Chapter 1. Administration

Chapter 15. Consumer Rights

Chapter 16. Standards and Criteria for Community Residential Mental Health Facilities

Chapter 17. Standards and Criteria for Community Mental Health Centers

Chapter 18: Standards and Criteria for Substance Related and Addictive Disorder Treatment Services

Chapter 21. Alcohol and Drug Substance Abuse Courses (ADSAC) and Assessments

Chapter 23. Standards and Criteria for Community-Based Structured Crisis Centers

Chapter 24. Standards and Criteria for Comprehensive Community Addiction Recovery Centers

Chapter 27. Standards and Criteria for Mental Illness Service Programs

Chapter 30. Standards and Criteria for State-Operated Inpatient Services 

Chapter 50. Standards and Criteria for Certified Behavioral Health Case Managers

Chapter 53. Standards and Criteria for Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialists

Chapter 55. Standards and Criteria for Programs of Assertive Community Treatment

Chapter 60. Standards and Criteria for Certified Eating Disorder Treatment Programs

Chapter 65. Standards and Criteria for Gambling Treatment Programs

Chapter 70. Standards and Criteria for Opioid Treatment Programs

Chapter 75. Standards and Criteria for Certified Problem Gambling Treatment Counselors

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