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Children's Recovery Center

Population Served: Adolescent

Children's Recovery Center (CRC) is a trauma-informed, inpatient psychiatric care facility proudly serving Oklahoma’s adolescents. CRC holds 55 beds and offers two programs: a Crisis Stabilization program and a Psychiatric Residential Treatment (PRTF) program, sub-divided into two wings. The Crisis Stabilization Unit provides 24-hour walk-in and behavioral health crisis intervention care for estimated shorter stay needs and the PRTF program provides 24-hour psychiatric care after a scheduled intake.

The persons served by CRC are 12 to 17 years old, struggling to stay safe in their community due to the symptoms of their own serious emotional disturbances, behavioral health conditions, and/or substance use disorders and fulfill the criteria for Medical Necessity, as outlined in Title 43A.

Teresa Capps, Executive Director CRC

"Since early in my career, I’ve had the fortune to supervise services for children and adolescents in the community for the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. During that time, I have seen the children's system of care grow exponentially with services and supports that focus on the needs of the child and their caregivers and that are evidence-based and available across the state of Oklahoma. The Children’s Recovery Center plays a vital role in that system of care by providing emergency crisis evaluations and intervention services, referral and emergency linkage services, and psychiatric residential treatment services for adolescents who are experiencing mental health or substance use emergencies from all across Oklahoma. CRC's services are lifesaving, essential services."


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CRC is a member of the Cleveland County Mental Health Task Force, the OK Healthcare Coalition for Region 6/8, and serves as the only inpatient program for minors in the ODMHSAS system. CRC is a teaching hospital in that it actively coordinates with local higher education programs to further train and educate future providers. CRC has annual rotations of resident physicians serving on treatment teams as the facility is included in the Griffin Memorial Hospital Residency program. CRC contracts with OU's Nursing School program for their clinical rotations, and regularly accepts individuals for counseling or social work graduate student or medical student internship projects.


For in-person visitation: CRC provides weekly opportunities on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. for the clients admitted to the PRTF program. In-person visits must be approved by the child's assigned therapist before being scheduled. CRC also provides scheduled virtual visitations for crisis program clients throughout the week and are also coordinated by the assigned family therapist. Telehealth is available, via Zoom, for family therapy and visitation services for all clients of CRC.

While the adolescent client is with us, they may keep in their room: Up to 7 outfits, pairs of socks and undergarments, shoes without laces, any journals, notebooks and/or books without metal binding (staples, spirals, etc.), crayons, appropriate photographs, new and packaged bedding, as well as the materials provided by the facility. Recovery is our focus and safety is our utmost concern, so we appreciate when families keep the expensive belongings at home and remove metal piercings prior to arriving to CRC. Basic toiletries, bedding, schoolwork (PRTF only) and all food is provided by facility.


CRC is accredited by The Joint Commission, received "Excellence" status as a Healthy Business by the Oklahoma State Department of Health, and is licensed by Oklahoma Department of Human Services as Residential Childcare Facilty.

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