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Directive to Mitigate Seismic Activity in Prague Area

By Office of Public Information
Saturday, February 03, 2024

As its initial response to mitigate the risk of further seismic activity near the Prague area of Lincoln County,  the Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s Oil and Gas Conservation Division has issued a directive for a change in the operations of some oil and gas wastewater disposal wells.

All disposal wells that are permitted to dispose into the Arbuckle formation and are in an area within 10 miles of the February 3, 2024 5.1 magnitude earthquake are directed to begin the shutdown of operations, with a shutdown to be complete by February 17. The gradual shutdown process is necessary to avoid sudden pressure changes that could result in more seismic activity.

The Arbuckle formation is the state’s deepest formation. Oil and gas wastewater disposal into the Arbuckle formation has been linked to seismic activity in parts of the state.

A map of the area showing the wells impacted by the directive is attached.

It should be stressed that that this action is an initial response. Further study may result in new directives.

Last Modified on Feb 04, 2024