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Update your bookmarks, address books: outdated OCC domains have expired

Friday, October 22, 2021

Greetings stakeholders, 

As the Corporation Commission continues on the path to digital transformation and agency modernization, the prior website domains ("" and "") and older email formats (including "") have expired and will no longer work.

Please update your bookmarks to our website launched November 2020,

Similarly, ensure that your address books are updated with our employees' email domain, Otherwise, you will get a bounce-back message and the message will not be delivered. The agency's email domain was upgraded and employee email addresses were changed in July 2019.

Much has changed since our website was launched in 1997. We continue to work for our stakeholders to provide the best service possible. Thank you for joining us on this journey as we evolve.

For inquiries or assistance, reach out to us at or

Last Modified on Oct 22, 2021