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OSHA Consultation Services

Program Description

The OSHA Consultation Service Program provides free and confidential consultative workplace safety and health services for the purpose of eliminating workplace injuries and fatalities. OSHA Consultant(s) will help you develop and implement a safety and health management system for your workplace all while providing you an exemption from an OSHA inspection.

This program ensures that Oklahoma employers are providing a safe and healthy work environment for employees. Funded partially by a federal grant, the OSHA Consultation Service is designed to help small, private sector, Oklahoma employers understand and comply with OSHA standards. Although the program is primarily focused on assisting small business, all employers are welcome to take advantage of the services provided.

Contact Information:
Phone:  (405) 521-6100

Industry Notices

Consultation Services:

Limited assistance is offered to help companies comply with OSHA’s rules and regulations for specific processes or areas of concern. The Oklahoma OSHA Consultation program will identify physical hazards (such as machine guarding or chemical exposures) and evaluate technical programs (such as lockout/tagout or hazard communication) within the scope requested by the company.

Limited service assistance:

  • Safety, which includes fire protection, emergency action, electrical, machine guarding, confined space, material handling, lockout tagout, PPE, flammable and combustible storage, powered industrial equipment(forklift, aerial lifts, etc),and other areas;
  • Health, which includes chemical exposures, noise, ventilations, air contaminants, or blood borne pathogens, and other areas;

Full-service assistance is for companies that want help in meeting OSHA’s requirements for the entire facility. The Oklahoma OSHA Consultation program will: 1) identify physical hazards throughout the facility; 2) evaluate all technical programs; and 3) review the safety and health program management. Recommendations will be made on how to correct physical hazards and improve both the technical programs and the safety and health management system.

For all types of assistance, the Oklahoma OSHA consultant must use the same identification and classification procedures as an OSHA compliance officer would. The employer must agree beforehand to correct all hazards identified by the consultant and provide written verification of the actions taken to correct serious hazards within a reasonable time frame.

For participants in this program, Oklahoma OSHA Consultations typically provides the following services:

  • Walk-Through Surveys to assist businesses in achieving “in-compliance” status with federal regulations and standards.
  • Surveys of Work Practices to pinpoint causes of injuries or illness.
  • Noise Measurements to evaluate noise exposure and assist with hearing conservation programs.
  • Air Sampling and Analysis to measure contaminants such as dusts, fumes, gases, and vapors.
  • Evaluations of Technical Programs such as Lockout/Tagout, Confined Space Entry, Hazard Communication, Respiratory Protection, and others.
  • Safety and Health Management Systems development assistance.


Our experienced, professional consultants will work with you to customize our services to best meet your safety and health needs. We are able to assess your present safety and health management system, evaluate the physical work site, assist with informal training, and provide industrial hygiene monitoring. All of our services are designed to help employers meet obligations under the Occupational Safety & Health Act of 1970 without the added concern of hefty fines and citations. Instead, we offer real solutions for improving workplace safety and health in your organization.    

Service Benefits

Improving workplace safety and health leads to fewer accidents, lower injury and illness rates, and lower workers' compensation costs. Partnering with the OSHA Consultation Program will increase your understanding of workplace hazard prevention techniques. Keeping workers safe is "smart business".  All companies that complete a full service safety and/or health visit are eligible for a $1,000 state tax exemption.

Additional Benefits

  • Help you recognize hazards and potential issues in your workplace -“Free” Industrial Hygiene monitoring – noise, air, and chemical exposure
  • “Free” sample template to create your own program
  • Suggest approaches or options for solving a safety or health problem
  • Provide you with a written report that summarizes the findings
  • Assist you with developing or maintaining an effective safety and health  program
  • Offer informal training and education for you and your employees at your workplace
  • Evaluate your injury and illness records and identify trends
  • Help you qualify for participation in the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP), an OSHA exemption program.
Last Modified on Apr 18, 2022
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