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State Use Program

The State Use Program, operated by Central Purchasing of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES), facilitates contracts between the State of Oklahoma and qualified not-for-profit agencies. Those contracts provide meaningful long-term employment and job training for persons with disabilities through its vendors. The contracted items and services do not conflict with other statewide contracts. The State Use Program is a contract management program that works alongside OMES Central Purchasing.

Proposed procurements are independently reviewed, evaluated and approved by the State Use Committee, an eight-person panel comprised of state agency and public members, to assure fair pricing and quality goods and services.

The program benefits your community by alleviating the public assistance burden the state faces. As a result of the State Use Program, participants’ earned income rises, displacing government assistance and reducing the need for state and federal programs.

The State Use Program is a self-supporting program that manages the contracts of vendors that provide employment for persons with disabilities. The employment opportunities reduce the need for state and federal funding (average of $2700 per individual). A 1 percent fee of any contract for products or services of the severely disabled shall be assessed against the qualified organization and deposited in the State Use Committee Revolving Fund, as created in Title 74 Section 3004.2. All of this provides the state with a 25 percent economic advantage and costs the state nothing.




Phone: 405-521-2128
2401 N. Lincoln Blvd., Suite 116
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Staples Advantage

Committee Members

Lindsey Kanaly
Chair, Designee of Department of Human Services Director

Jerry Tate
Vice Chair, State CPO appointd by the State Purchasing Director

Frank Stone
Parent/Guardian of a Person with Disabilities

Tina Hanna
Past President of Oklahoma Community-Based Providers

Jim Kettler
Designee of the Visual Services Administrator in the Department of Rehabilitation Services

Tracy Osburn
Designee of  the Director of the Office of Management & Enterprise Services

Marshall Ottinger
Governor Appointee

Ryan Gold
State Use Contracting Officer, Non-voting Member

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