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CPO Program Training Level 2

Training for Level 2 is designed to provide additional information regarding instruction, rules and roles of the CPO and many other insights.

In 2020, the State Legislature recognized the importance of changing the threshold for a CPO currently eligible to procure products and services for their agency. In accordance with the statutes, a CPO must complete formal training provided by Central Purchasing to receive authority for the $250,000 threshold and demonstrate proficiency by successfully completing a requisite assessment. The assessments are jointly developed by Human Capital Management and Central Purchasing. Upon achieving Level 2 Certification, CPOs are eligible to procure products/services for their agency up to $250,000.


CPO Level 2 Certification is available to a CPO with Level 1 Certification currently working in state or municipality sector who aspires to work or is currently working in a capacity to serve as a procurement professional that is in “Good Standing” as a Level 1 CPO.

The Certified Procurement Officer must be in “Good Standing” to apply for Level 2 Certification.

A CPO in “Good Standing” is described as a CPO that has passed Level 1 Certification and has submitted the first CPO Continuing Education Units Report (OMES FORM CP 006).

The time period for this is from date of the first reporting cycle (ex. Jan. 1, 2015) for Level 1 and if you submitted your two-year report that included 24 CEUs as required.

For a “new” CPO, the time period to be eligible for Level 2 could be up to three years depending on the date you are certified for Level 1 with your two-year reporting cycle.

A CPO in “Good Standing” is eligible to apply immediately.

How to Become Certified

In accordance with the statutes, a CPO must complete formal training provided by Central Purchasing and demonstrate proficiency by successfully completing a requisite assessment.

If you are eligible for Level 2 certification, complete the CPO Program application form and register for the online, self-paced certification course.

Requirements to Retain CPO Certification

CPO must retake the assessment every two years based on original date of Level 2 Certification to keep Level 2 status. Final assessment must be completed within three months of original certification date. If certification lapses or fails final assessment, Level 2 must retake course to qualify.

Must achieve an 80% passing rate. Final assessment can be taken up to two times in 60 days for a passing rate.  It is the responsibility of the individual to follow these requirements to maintain Level 2 Certification. Level 1 requirements must be met prior to taking final assessment for Level2.

If CPO fails final assessment two times, they have a waiting period of 30 days to re-enroll in the course.


For Level 2, failure by a CPO to complete the required final assessment every two years will result in suspension of the CPO’s purchasing authority of $250,000.

A suspended CPO must retake the CPO certification course approved by the State Purchasing Director and demonstrate proficiency in procurement practices by passing the CPO prescribed certification assessment.

In the event of extenuating circumstances, a CPO may submit a written request to the State Purchasing Director for reinstatement and an extension of time to allow the CPO to fulfill the required final assessment. 

The State Purchasing Director may approve or deny the request. A reinstatement approved to allow an extension of time to fulfill requirements shall not exceed three months.

Last Modified on Nov 29, 2022
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