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CPO Program Certification Level 1

This program is designed to provide foundational understanding of procurement and acquisition processes, and the hierarchy of legislation and procurement rules in state procurement. 

In 1998, the State Legislature recognized the importance and complexity of the public procurement process by revising the Central Purchasing Act to require training and proficiency certification of state government employees with purchasing responsibilities. OMES Central Purchasing has developed a course of instruction and subsequent final assessment for the designation as Certified Procurement Officer. Upon achieving this certification, a CPO is eligible to procure products and services for their agency. State agencies with approved internal purchasing procedures and a CPO may affect purchases not exceeding $100,000 due to the passage of State Bill 1422 effective Nov. 1, 2020.


CPO Level 1 certification is available to anyone working in state or municipality sector.

How to Become Certified

In accordance with the statutes, a CPO must complete the certification program provided by Central Purchasing and demonstrate proficiency by successfully completing a requisite final assessment. The final assessments are jointly developed by Human Capital Management and Central Purchasing. 

If you are interested in becoming a CPO Level 1, complete the CPO Program application form to register for the online, self-paced certification course.

Requirements to Retain CPO Certification

CPO's are encouraged to continue efforts to expand their knowledge and understanding of the complex field of public procurement through Continuing Education Units programs. All active CPO’s are required to complete a minimum of 24 classroom hours of instruction in approved courses within 24 months.

Immediately upon completion of the required 24 classroom hours, but before Dec. 31, each CPO shall document the CPO has met the continuing professional education requirement.

For recertification, CPOs must submit a completed Continuing Education Units Report. This report lists all approved courses for CPO credit in addition to the requirements to verify attendance. If you do not find a class listed, a request for credit must be approved prior to attending the training. A CPO may claim continuing education credit only for the compliance period in which the course was completed and credit granted. The purpose of CPO revalidation is to ensure continued education, development and professional growth of the state acquisition workforce.

Continuing Education Units

A list of all approved courses for CPO credits is developed and published on the OMES website.  Additional approved courses will be added to the list throughout the year as they are identified.

CPO’s are encouraged to recommend other courses by submitting course information Form 022 to prior to attending the course. Courses will be added to the approved list after a determination of applicability and acceptability by the state purchasing director. To request CPO credits for courses not listed on the approved class list, forward the class or seminar agenda and Form 022 for review/approval consideration to prior to attending the course. 

CPO Database

Central Purchasing maintains a database of all current CPOs. In addition to recordkeeping, it is used to provide CPOs with announcements, procurement information and opportunities for continuing CPO education. Thus, it is essential that your record in the database be kept current.

You are required to submit a CPO information change form to notify Central Purchasing when there are corrections or changes to your information.

If you are the primary CPO and/or in a supervisory capacity and have a CPO who is no longer with your agency, please send a CPO Information Change Form so Central Purchasing can modify the record in the database.


Failure by a CPO Level 1 to complete the required 24 hours of qualifying education within the allowed period will result in suspension of the CPO’s purchasing authority.

A suspended CPO must attend the next available CPO certification course approved by the state purchasing director and demonstrate proficiency in procurement practices by passing the CPO prescribed certification final assessment.

In the event of extenuating circumstances, a CPO may submit a written request to the state purchasing director for reinstatement and an extension of time to allow the CPO to fulfill the required continuing education credits. The state purchasing director may approve or deny the request. A reinstatement approved to allow an extension of time to fulfill education credits shall not exceed three months.

Contact Information

For more information please contact the Procurement Training Team at