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Multifactor authentication solution


OMES is activating multifactor authentication for Zscaler. We partnered with Thales to provide one MFA solution for multiple tools.

What and why?

Zscaler is the VPN login on your computer used to access the secure Oklahoma network. Adding MFA to Zscaler will provide an extra layer of security for accessing critical state data.

Thales SafeNet MobilePASS+ and GrIDsure will become the MFA solution for not just Zscaler, but Microsoft 365 and state computer access. Moving to one MFA solution for many tools helps simplify authentication.

How does this affect me?

Any state employee who uses our VPN login software, Zscaler, to access data and applications will be impacted.

Step 1 – Enroll for MFA for Zscaler
Select one of our options in the Resources section – the mobile application SafeNet MobilePASS+ or the online software GrIDsure – and follow the steps.

Step 2 – Authenticate
Once enrolled, you will need to authenticate to identify yourself. You will be asked to complete these steps every two days to two weeks, depending on your level of access to sensitive data.

  • MobilePASS+ does not allow OMES to manage your device, nor does it subject your personal device to open records or eDiscovery.
  • Both SafeNet MobilePASS+ and GrIDsure only log date, time, IP address, application platform and authentication results.


Option 1 – Thales GrIDsure
*Use this option if you don’t want to use or don’t have access to a mobile device.

Step 1: Submit a Service Desk ticket that includes your work email address and a description of “Request for GrIDsure token.”
Step 2: Enroll for GrIDsure online software application.
Step 3: Authenticate your access for Zscaler using GrIDsure. 

Use the GrIDsure Guide or watch the videos. 

Option 2 – MFA already enabled and requiring enrollment?

Option 2 – MFA already enabled and requiring enrollment?
*Use this option if MFA for Zscaler is already enabled and required for you to use Zscaler.
Follow enrollment and authentication instructions for GrIDsure outlined in option 1.
If you want to use a mobile phone, follow the Safenet MobilePASS+ enrollment and authentication instructions.

Thales SafeNet MobilePASS+
Step 1: Install and enroll SafeNet MobilePASS+ mobile device app.
Step 2: Authenticate your access for Zscaler using the app.

Use the MFA SafeNet MobilePASS+ Guide or watch the videos.

When will this happen?

Our MFA rollout will be a phased approach and some agencies have already incorporated it. Check your email often, as more information will be posted.

Need help?

We’re here to help you get stuff done. Contact the OMES Service Desk for questions or help getting started. 

Feedback Needed

Please let us know whether this information is useful. Complete the MFA solution survey and tell us how we are doing.

Last Modified on Oct 07, 2021
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