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Storage and Backup

The Network and Server Operations team manages and supports the servers, storage, backup and the cloud for the over 100 unified agencies in the State of Oklahoma. New agencies are added frequently, which further protects Oklahomans' data.

To accomplish that, the state has the Lincoln Data Center in Oklahoma City and a disater recovery data center, known as TX1, in Garland, Texas. Everything stored at LDC is backed up and synchronized with TX1, while agencies’ physical servers are backed up and replicated to Stillwater.

Both data centers' backup generators run on diesel fuel to continue services in the event of power outages, protecting the 2.66 petabytes of storage. LDC can withstand up to 200 mph windspeeds (EF-5 tornado) and TX1 can sustain windspeeds up to 136 mph (EF-3 tornado). Currently, the State of Oklahoma has over 3,500 virtual servers and more than 130 physical servers.

Last Modified on Jan 25, 2023
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