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Data Privacy Week 2022

Monday, January 17, 2022

Each year, the National Cybersecurity Alliance hosts Data Privacy Day at the beginning of the year to educate the public on the importance of data privacy for individuals and organizations. Data Privacy Day has become Data Privacy Week for 2022.

Data Privacy Week is Jan. 24-28 and this year’s theme focuses on inspiring dialogue and empowering individuals and companies to take action when it comes to data privacy.

For Individuals: Keep it private

Remember, everything you do online generates data, so you must keep your personal and physical data safe online by protecting it. Things like health data, social security numbers and other personal information can be protected when shared online. Take these steps to protect your data:

  • Understand the privacy/convenience tradeoff. When accounts and applications request your personal information, educate yourself on who will be given access to it. Things like your geographical location, contacts list, photos and others are commonly requested. Not all your applications need this access, so make sure you delete any unused applications and manage the accessibility to this information.
  • Manage your privacy. After creating new accounts or downloading new applications, you can go into your privacy settings to control the accessibility to your data and personal information. Read more about managing your privacy here.
  • Protect your data. Data privacy and data security go hand in hand. Keep your data secure by creating long, unique passwords and use multi-factor authentication whenever possible.

For Organizations: Respect Privacy

As an organization, it imperative to respect the privacy of your employees and customers, as well as being transparent on how their data is being used. This allows customers to trust your organization as well as empower employees to handle data the correct and safe way. Check out these steps to take to respect privacy as an organization:

  • Conduct an assessment. By conducting an assessment of your data collection practices, you can make adjustments as needed to the way you handle your customer and employees’ data. Understand the privacy laws and regulations that affect your company and follow reasonable security measure to keep individuals’ personal information safe.
  • Adopt a privacy framework. By adopting a privacy framework, your employees have a guide to follow to keep personal data secure for the company. You can also ensure your customers how you are keeping their data safe.
  • Educate employees. When you create a privacy framework for your organization, it’s important to educate employees and also your customers on how the data will be used. This will allow trust in your organization both your employees and customers.

Learn more about Data Privacy Week and how to keep personal data secure by visiting the National Cybersecurity Alliance's website.

Last Modified on Jun 23, 2022
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