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Application Development Services

Application Modernization is a key component for new applications to function more effectively to each agency’s needs. We evaluate legacy tech, determine a path to modernize and ensure the integrity of existing data.​

Evaluation, discovery, data collection, data migration, restructuring and software development services to help agency customers move from deprecated or out-of-warranty systems into modern and scalable solutions.

  • Modernization assessment framework.​

  • Upgrades and replacements of applications.​

  • Application extensions.

We provide custom software development and low to no maintenance applications that operate within state enterprise solutions and meet state standards​.

Maturing our Custom Application Services​

360-degree view of citizens​

  • Providing Oklahoma citizens their first-ever logged-in experience allowing them to access their data from each state agency and provide electronic form submissions and electronic signatures to agencies of the State of Oklahoma.​

Software Management and Monitoring​

  • Continue the expansion of monitoring and application performance management systems such as Splunk and Dynatrace to allow developers to quickly diagnose and fix system bottlenecks and network connection issues, catch and alert on system outages within seconds, and provide accurate system reporting.

Integrations and Middleware​

  • Implementing custom development, enhancements, application hardening, enterprise service bus integrated platform, application programming interfaces (APIs), and middleware integrations into highly secure systems.


  • Project testing​.
  • Automated testing​.
  • Miscellaneous testing/support​.


Last Modified on Jan 25, 2023
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