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Grow with Google

The Grow with Google initiative is a partnership between Google and the State of Oklahoma founded in 2022 that aims to provide training, tools and expertise for greater employment opportunities in high-growth career fields. Through self-paced, online learning, participants skill up in their elected area of study and work towards certification. The State of Oklahoma partnered with Google to provide learning paths and career certifications in Digital Marketing & E-Commerce, Data Analytics, UX Design, Project Management, and IT Support. 

Any adult citizen of the State of Oklahoma is eligible to enroll in the program. State employees looking to participate in the program are expected to spend their time and effort outside of their regular work hours and duties. Watch this video to get a brief program overview and highlight the value "Grow with Google" offers.

Participant Testimonials

Melinda Williams
Aspiring IT Support Specialist

Chelsea Rucker
Goodwill Digital Career Accelerator

Google Career Certificates

Edgar Barragan
IT Support Specialist

Program Benefits

  1. A scholarship to participate in any of the five programs. It is entirely self-paced and 100% virtual. Here are the five certification programs we offer: 

    UX Design:
    Best for those who enjoy creating solutions, showing empathy and advocating for end users. Watch a video to learn more.

    Project Management:
    If solving problems, staying organized and working with people are in your wheelhouse, this career is for you. Watch a video to learn more.

    Data Analytics:
    If you're curious about how things work and love to identify trends, a career in data analytics is within reach. Watch a video to learn more.

    IT Support:
    Best for those who love solving problems, helping others, and have an affinity for technology. Watch a video to learn more.

    Digital Marketing & E-Commerce:
    Best for those with an entrepreneurial and creative spirit who love storytelling and spotting patterns. Watch a video to learn more.

  2. Big Interview:
    Helps individuals build their resumes, participate in mock interviews, and receive job search tips.

  3. CareerCircle
    Offers career counseling and access to CareerCircle's job board with thousands of available opportunities. 

  4. Google Consortium Job Board Highlights program graduates to participating employers.  

  5. Wraparound Support
    This includes doing what we can to remove barriers that may impede success.

How to Access this Resource

Select the form below that corresponds to your status as a state employee or citizen of Oklahoma.  

Last Modified on Feb 27, 2023
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