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Vehicle Owning Agencies

Motor Vehicle Advisory Council (MVAC)

The Fleet Management Division’s MVAC focuses on developing statewide standards, policies and rules for vehicle acquisition, leasing, maintenance, repair and disposal by all state agencies. The council serves as a catalyst for change – and now, more than ever, is vital to the joint success of agency fleets across the state. The MVAC has been in existence since October 12, 2006. All agencies with statutory authority to own vehicles are members of the MVAC.


Fleet policies applicable to agencies owning vehicles have been summarized in the policy OMES POLICY FM V001, Owning Agencies Vehicle Management. The document advises agencies on the cradle to grave vehicle lifecycle process.

Mandatory Reporting

All State of Oklahoma agencies and entities (including higher education) must fulfill and comply with the State and US vehicle reporting requirements.


  • Energy Policy Act (EPAct), Acquiring Alternative Fuel Vehicles (CNG, LPG, E-85/FFV) for Standard Compliance.
    • vehicle delivered in period Sept. 1 - Aug. 31 data is due Dec. 31 of that calendar year
    • If all of the following conditions are met:(1) A state entity owns, operates, leases, or otherwise controls 50 or more light-duty vehicles within the United States that are not on the list of excluded vehicles (i.e. law enforcement vehicles, non-road vehicles);(2) At least 20 of those vehicles are used primarily within a single Metropolitan Statistical Area/Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area (for Oklahoma these are: Oklahoma City and Tulsa partially covered Canadian, Cleveland, Logan, McClain, Oklahoma, Pottawatomie, and Creek, Osage, Rogers, Tulsa, Wagoner counties respectfully). Those same 20 vehicles are centrally fueled or "capable of being centrally fueled." Vehicles are considered capable of being centrally fueled if they are capable of being fueled at least 75% of the time at a location that is owned, operated, or controlled by any fleet or under contract with that fleet for fueling purposes.
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State of Oklahoma

  • OMES Form FM 016, Vehicle Acquisition Request per 47 O.S. § 156.3.D
    • each time an agency authorized to own vehicles 10,000 pounds and under intends to acquire a vehicle, regardless of the source of funding (state or federal appropriation, revolving, or grant, or private donation), Vehicle Acquisition Request must be submitted to Fleet Management
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  • OMES Form FM 017, Fleet Inventory Report per 74 O.S. § 110.3
    • each time an agency acquires a vehicle, Vehicle Inventory Data Sheet (Fleet Inventory Report) must be submitted along with the supporting documentation to Fleet Management
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  • Monthly Fleet Report (MFR) per 74 O.S. § 110.3
    • by the 10th day of each month each agency owning vehicles must submit vehicle utilization and maintenance cost report to Fleet Management (each agency is provided Excel template at the beginning of fiscal year)
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  • OMES CAM Form SS-001V, Surplus Vehicle Transfers per 74 O.S. § 78b
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