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Agency Business Services

Agency Business Services (ABS) is the shared financial services division of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES).  We support the day to day financial operations of State agency clients. 

Mission Statement

To support the mission of government entities in the State of Oklahoma by offering the most cost effective solution for financial services and improving financial integrity.


Agency Business Services is the primary service provider of back end financial functions of government entities in the State of Oklahoma and recognized for its efficiency, value and customer service.

Strategic Goals

  • Provide cost effective financial services to government entities in the State of Oklahoma
  • Improve the financial accounting compliance of government entities in the State of Oklahoma
  • Be the preferred financial services provider for government entities in the State of Oklahoma


  • Process eProcurement (ePro) and source to purchase order that will flow through the procure to pay process.
  • Prepare appropriate documents for purchases.
  • Ensure purchasing statues, rules and guidelines are followed.
  • Determine best procurement method.
  • Will use statewide contracts and State Use vendors.
  • Ensure proper account codes are used.
  • Serve as liaison between client agency and OMES Central Purchasing.
  • Provide guidance in assisting in the development of bids and proposals.
  • Solicit bids and proposals.
  • Advise client agency on the development and revision of procurement procedures.
  • Close PO’s.
  • Provide purchasing reports as needed.
  • Process change orders.
  • Complete and process ePro requests on behalf of the agency. 

Budget Support

  • Serve as liaison between the state budget office and agency.
  • Prepare the agency’s Budget Work Program with management support.
  • Assist agency in compiling all documents requested by the state budget office.
  • Assist agency in preparing OMES Form 47 and Form 47.1.
  • Assist the agency in the preparation of its strategic plan/budget request and entry.
  • Submit agency’s budget packet and enter all necessary information into the state’s budget system.
  • Prepare and process any necessary revisions and transfer requests.

Accounts Payable

  • Process all claims against the agency including travel claims and claims against grants and contracts.
  • Ensure that the agency has sufficient funds available from the appropriate accounts to pay claims.
  • Process EFT returns for payment from agency’s clearing account.
  • Transfer funds between agency accounts as needed and permitted by law.
  • Contact agency on a regular basis and meet upon request to discuss the status of revenues, expenditures, contracts and other related fiscal activity.
  • Allow the state auditor’s office and OMES Capital Assets Management access to all records and documents in the possession of ABS.


  • Receive copies of deposit information from client.
  • Make deposit entries into PeopleSoft.
  • Scan deposit information into PeopleSoft (currently emailing these to the client).
  • Process transfers from clearing to funds.
  • Provide Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) services with payments coming directly to ABS.


  • Reconcile agency clearing accounts and complete of OMES-11 form.
  • Complete approved transfer as prepared.
  • Provide clearing account reports.

Accounts Receivable / Billing

  • Load the billing information in PeopleSoft to generate invoices.
  • Mail invoices by best routing as determined by ABS.
  • Receive payment for invoices.
  • Post payment to invoices.
  • Paper checks will be deposited to clearing account, wire transfers will be posted directly to invoices.
  • Print past due statements.

Financial Reporting

  • Provide monthly financial reports within one week after monthly summary reports have been distributed by OMES.
  • Provide budget to actual reporting.
  • Provide Allotment Budget and Available Cash (ABC) report.
  • Provide outstanding encumbrances report.
  • Provide 6 Digit expenditure and expenditure detail report.
  • Provide summary of receipts and disbursement report.
  • Provide additional custom reports upon request.

Financial Support / Meetings

  • Meet with the agency on a regular basis and upon request to discuss the status of revenues, expenditures, contracts and other related fiscal activity.
  • Be present at and provide financial reporting to agency boards and/or commissions upon request.
  • Provide the agency with financial management support as it relates to following regulatory guidelines and auditing standards.


Procurement and Accounts Payable

General AR

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