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OMES Fleet Management always watching market for innovation

By Bonnie Campo
Wednesday, December 30, 2020

OMES is always looking for innovative ways to move the state forward. Just before Christmas, you may have noticed something bright and shiny parked near the Oklahoma State Capitol steps. The Lordstown Endurance is the first of its kind, a mid-size, all-electric pickup truck that is specifically designed for use in commercial fleet operations.

OMES Capital Assets Management manages fleet services and said while they are not looking to make a change right now, innovations like this from private companies give us an exciting insight into what the state could utilize in future services for Oklahomans.

“The made in America Lordstown Endurance pickup truck is on our radar,” said Terry Zuniga, fleet manager. “The mission of the state’s Fleet Management team is to efficiently and effectively serve those who serve Oklahomans. With this mission in mind, we remain informed and ready to seize opportunities to provide the State of Oklahoma and our citizen customers with fiscally sound vehicle investments. Fleet management constantly monitors these options to make sure Oklahomans are always getting the best bang for their buck.”

“Fleets are critical to any large organization, both public and private. OMES CAM is incredibly lucky to have a Fleet Management department as well versed as the one we have when it comes to balancing the right type of vehicle and operational costs associated with it, especially in tough budget years,” said Dan Ross, Capital Assets Management administrator.

Lordstown Motors stopped in Oklahoma City as part of their cross-country road trip to introduce this new pickup. The vehicle is set for production in September 2021.

This truck of the future, or one like it, remains a possible long-term, cost-effective and environmentally friendly transportation option for Oklahoma down the road.

About the author

Bonnie Campo is the public information manager at OMES. She spent close to 10 years in the broadcast news industry before joining the Public Affairs team in November of 2020. When she is not working, Bonnie is spending time with family and friends, or on a hiking trail. Please contact her for media-related requests.

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