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Caden Cleveland


Director of Legislative and Public Affairs

As director of Legislative and Public Affairs, Caden Cleveland works closely with OMES Chief of Staff Dana Webb and oversees the Public Affairs team. He serves as the spokesperson for the agency and collaborates with all other OMES divisions to communicate with the public and promote OMES. Cleveland, who is a native Oklahoman, earned a Master of Business Administration from Oklahoma Christian University and worked for the Oklahoma Senate before joining OMES. He lives with his wife, Jessica, and their goldendoodle, Liberty.

Denise White


Communications Manager

As publications manager for OMES Public Affairs, Denise White’s mantra is that we are all in this together – it is in partnership with one another that our success is guaranteed. And to that end, she shares this sentiment with Maya Angelou: "My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to so do with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style."

Bonnie Campo


Public Information Manager

Bonnie Campo is the public information manager at OMES. She spent close to 10 years in the broadcast news industry before joining the Public Affairs team in November of 2020. When she is not working, Bonnie is spending time with family and friends, or on a hiking trail. Please contact her for media related requests.

Jake Lowrey


eGov Manager

A member of the original OMES Communications Department, Jake Lowrey manages content on the agency website, oversees GovDelivery communications system for the state and supervises the team responsible for accessibility of agency documents. Regardless of rumors to the contrary, he is a member of the human race and not an alien from outer space.

Ben Bigler


Graphic Designer

Ben Bigler's goal is to transform information and concepts into images and publication designs that are appealing, easy to understand and, occasionally, entertaining. Ben is always on the lookout for new ideas and his more than three decades as a photojournalist, page designer and informational graphic artist give him tools to help your audience see what you want to say. When not in front of a computer, Ben can usually be found in the garden, in the kitchen or on a mountain trail.

Amy Southall


Benefits Communications Specialist

Amy Southall has been with OMES Public Affairs since 2016 and with the State of Oklahoma since 2001, with nearly 15 of those years spent with the OMES Employees Group Insurance Division. As a benefits communications specialist for the Public Affairs communications team, Amy makes your job in communicating with internal and external customers easier. In addition to copy editing and contributing written content, she also remediates agencywide material for website accessibility.

Brittany Coley-Roberts


Public Record Coordinator

Brittany Coley-Roberts developed and implemented a streamlined OMES open records request process online. Her history as an executive administrative assistant, employee training manager and experience with a variety of software and technical assistant roles helps her be a team player who is willing to contribute to this division in a variety of ways. She has taken significant initiative with OMES’ social media presence and acts as one of two lead administrators on OMES social channels.

Brian Altenhofel


UI/UX Designer

Brian Altenhofel is an experienced web developer and has been with OMES Public Affairs since 2018. Brian enjoys long days writing code and solving difficult problems while using a mechanical keyboard and a trackball. Hobbies include hunting, fishing, long nights in Azeroth and watching all forms of auto racing.

Debra Baker


Benefits Communications Specialist

As a communication specialist and web administrator, Debra Baker is part of a team focused on making information accurate, clear and easy to understand prior to distribution. Her role involves working with printed and electronic publications along with maintaining the information on the OMES website. She acts as the point of contact for different divisions on many projects and has 30 years’ experience as a state employee.

Brian Lundmark


Visual and Graphic Arts Specialist

Brian Lundmark wanted to be a cartoonist but settled for being an Emmy award winner, a world famous dancer and a YouTube sensation. Now he spends his time creating beautiful graphics and videos for the state of Oklahoma and helping your projects be as awesome as you are.

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