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OAC 260:115-7-46 - State Travel

The State Travel Office is within the Central Purchasing Division and awards contracts for travel and travel services. State agencies shall make travel arrangements through the statewide travel supplier for commercial air travel for state employees in the course of official duties or for persons traveling at state expense. 

  1. State agency travel coordinator. The State Purchasing Director encourages state agencies to appoint one or more travel coordinators. The coordinators shall book air travel for the state agency except in case of an emergency. If the state agency appoints a travel coordinator, the state agency shall notify the Travel Office and provide the coordinator’s name, mailing address, telephone number, and facsimile number. 
  2. Airline ticket purchases exceptions. The state agency shall determine when an exception to airline ticket purchase shall apply. The state agency shall retain documents the state agency used in exception determination as required by internal purchasing procedures established pursuant to 260:115-5-7. Exception documentation shall be made available per the State Travel Policy. 
    1. If the state agency can acquire air travel at less cost than the contract travel agency, the state agency may use this exception. 
    2. If air travel originates outside the state and it is impractical for the state agency, the state agency may use this exception. 
    3. If air travel is due to an emergency and time does not permit use of the contract travel agency, the state agency may use this exception. 
    4. If air travel is part of a package arrangement by an organization that schedules a meeting or conference, the state agency may use this exception. 
  3. State agency credit card for airline travel. A state agency that acquires a purchase card to book and pay for official airline travel shall complete mandatory training as required by the Office of Management and Enterprise Services and comply with all State Purchase Card procedures issued by OMES. 

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