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OAC 260:115-3-3 - Supplier registration

  1. Purpose. Unless otherwise specified, supplier registration pursuant to this section provides a supplier with automatic notification of bid opportunities but is not required for a supplier to respond to a solicitation. Automatic notification is dependent upon a supplier providing the Office of Management and Enterprise Services valid and up-to-date information. Supplier registration is required for any supplier selected for award or renewal of a contract pursuant to the Central Purchasing Act and these rules. For the purposes of this section, “State Purchasing Director” does not include personnel of state agencies to whom the State Purchasing Director has delegated authority.
    1. Suppliers may be required to prequalify for the purpose of responding to online solicitations.
    2. Suppliers shall prequalify in accordance with procedures established by the State Purchasing Director.
  2. Registration. A supplier may apply for registration online as established by 74 O.S. 85.33, for each commodity class listed in the registration application, to be placed on the Supplier List for a one-year period. Registered suppliers are to be notified by the Central Purchasing Division or by non-exempt state agencies pursuant to applicable laws and rules, of solicitations for each commodity class for which a supplier registers. The State Purchasing Director shall not place a supplier on the Supplier List if the supplier provides incomplete registration information or if the State Purchasing Director, in his or her sole discretion, determines the supplier is not a responsible supplier.
  3. Registration fee. A registered supplier may renew a registration prior to the expiration date of the supplier’s current registration in order to remain on the Supplier List. The Office of Management and Enterprise Services shall not refund supplier registration fees.
  4. Voluntary removal from Supplier List. A supplier may submit a written request to the Central Purchasing Division to request to be removed from the Supplier List for a commodity. 

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