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OAC 260:115-3-13 - Bid withdrawal

  1. Bid withdrawal before closing date. A bidder who desires to withdraw a bid prior to the closing date shall submit to the State Purchasing Director a written withdrawal request created on the bidder’s company letterhead and signed by the bidder’s authorized representative. The withdrawal request must identify the requested method of return of the proposal, the person authorized to receive the returned bid, the bidder’s name, solicitation number and closing date. 
    1. If the bid is to be returned via U.S. Postal Service or other small package carrier, the bidder must provide a method for return shipping charges. 
    2. If the bid will be withdrawn in person, the person must provide personal identification to validate they are the person identified in the withdrawal request. After confirmation of identity, the person accepting the withdrawn bid shall sign a receipt for the bid. 
  2. Bid withdrawal after closing date. Withdrawal of a bid after the closing date shall not be authorized by the State Purchasing Director unless the bidder can prove a significant error by the bidder exists in the bid. 

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