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Attorney General Opinion No. 87-99

Professional services, including legal counsel services, set forth in 18 O.S. §803 are not subject to the competitive bid requirements of the Central Purchasing Act and the Oklahoma Capitol Improvement Authority was authorized to select an attorney and determine the fee; however, the Authority was required to submit a requisition for the legal services to Central Purchasing.  

With respect to personal services of a professional that falls within the definition of “professional services” in the Central Purchasing Act but that are not within the definition of “professional services” under 18 O.S. §803, acquisition of the services is subject to competitive bidding requirements of the Central Purchasing Act.

The Central Purchasing Act only applies to state agencies when acquiring materials, supplies, equipment or services. Where an underwriter only purchases the bonds of a state agency and does not provide any “attendant services” to the state agency, the Central Purchasing Act does not apply. See 74 O.S. §§85.2; 85.4 and 85.7.

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