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IS Service Rate Model

About IS Service Rate Model

OMES delivers information technology and telecommunication services to the State of Oklahoma agencies, boards and commissions as set forth in statute.
OMES converted to a service rate model in 2016 and recently updated its service rates to go into effect in July 2020. Below you will find resources about the updated rates.


Statute requires OMES to set rates based on estimated full costs. All changes in technology rates must be approved by the Government Technology Application Review Board.

OMES updated its rate model in July 2016 providing a rate structure in categories of tech essentials, tech plus, tech projects and tech maintenance with the goal of providing agency customers an easier to understand invoice and upfront information about technology spending.

In 2019, OMES met with The Persimmon Group consulting firm to recommend changes to the rates and rate structure. This process included discussions with a number of agency leaders, legislative leaders, executive branch leaders and information services professionals from other states.

The FY 21 rates proposed were reviewed and approved by the Government Technology Advisory Review Board on Sept. 16. OMES announced the change in rates to agencies so they can include the impact of the changes in their budget submittals, due annually on Oct. 1.


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Last Modified on Nov 17, 2023
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