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Life Insurance

About Life Insurance

HealthChoice Life Insurance Plan

The HealthChoice Life Insurance Plan is a group term life insurance plan available through employers who carry the EGID life insurance plan. What does this mean to you?

  • No individual policies are issued.
  • Term life insurance pays benefits upon the death of the insured but has no cash surrender value. This means you cannot borrow money against the life insurance or cash it out when coverage ends.
  • If the life insurance coverage is termed due to cancellation or for nonpayment of premiums, the life insurance coverage ends. 
  • The insurance is through HealthChoice only and is not underwritten by another insurance company.
  • Claims on life insurance are paid to the beneficiaries that you select. 

During Option Period, you may enroll in or increase your life coverage. A life insurance application is required for member coverage elections.

For information about the HealthChoice life insurance plan, visit the HealthChoice website at


Life Insurance Applications can be faxed to 405-717-8939 or mailed to:

ATTN: EGID/Life Insurance Application (EOI)
P.O. Box 11137
Oklahoma City, OK 73136-9998

Last Modified on Dec 05, 2023
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