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Member portal

  1. Register in the member portal. Follow the prompts. Use your HealthChoice Member ID and Group # 76415077 during registration.
  2. Once you are registered, you can
    • Download or print a copy of your insurance ID card. The HealthChoice insurance card is a combined medical and pharmacy card. Dental only coverage has its own card. Medicare Part D members will have their medical card and the SilverScript pharmacy card.
    • View claims.
    • Register for the Health Center.
    • Chat or send secure messages.
    • And more!

Active Members

Plans, information and resources for health care, pharmacy, dental, life and disability coverage available to Oklahoma employees, former employees, and their families.

Medicare Participants

Medicare Supplement plans, information and resources for employees, former employees, and family members covered by Medicare.


Information and resources for professionals and facilities serving HealthChoice members.

Active members: Consider HealthChoice plan options and features.

Medicare participants: Consider HealthChoice plan options and features.

HealthChoice members: To access the Tobacco-Free Attestation, call EGID Member Services at 405-717-8780 or 800-752-9475 for assistance.  

Health Center

We offer CARE programs for our members.

  • Ongoing Condition CARE program.
  • Maternity CARE program.
  • Wellness CARE program.
  • Complex Condition CARE program.
  • CARE Ques.
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