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HealthChoice plans

Promoting and protecting the health of our members by providing healthcare plans.

HealthChoice offers dental, life and several health plans to meet the diverse needs of our members. HealthChoice is available to state employees and most education and local government employees. 

HealthChoice - The plan that offers you choice!

Choice of available plans: 

  • HealthChoice High and High Alternative.
  • HealthChoice Basic and Basic Alternative.
  • HealthChoice High Deductible Health Plan.

Features include:

  • HealthChoice Benefits App – Check your claims and EOBs easily. Chat with a Care Guide 24/7. Download your Medical or Prescription card on the go. 
  • HealthChoice Select – One bundled bill for related services performed on the same day. Services and procedures covered at 100% for High and Basic plans. Allowable fees apply to the HDHP deductible. $100 incentive payment for colonoscopies once per calendar year.* No age limit for Select services. No limit on the number of Select services. 
  • Telehealth/telemedicine coverage – HealthChoice offers members the option for telehealth visits with network and non-network providers with standard plan benefits. Members also have the option for telemedicine visits for many common, minor medical conditions through SwiftMD. Services are $0 for High and Basic plan members and $45 for HDHP members. SwiftMD services are 24/7 and have unlimited visits. 
  • Pharmacy benefits – Established copays for 30-day supply up to 90-day supply after deductible.
  • Pharmacy copay information.
  • You can choose your provider from one of the largest provider networks in the state.

More Information about each plan's respective deductibles, copay, out-of-pocket cost and coinsurance can be found in the HealthChoice Health Plan Handbook.

* HDHP members must first meet deductible for Select colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy must also be a qualifying preventive service. 

Watch the video for health plan information!

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HealthChoice Dental - We LOVE to make you SMILE!

The benefits of the dental plan are based on cost sharing features that include a deductible and coinsurance. Plan benefits and your out-of-pocket costs will differ depending on the provider you choose.

The member deductible on combined basic and major restorative services is $25 for individuals and $75 for families. $2500 calendar year maximum benefit for preventative, basic, and major restorative services. 

Preventative Services covered at 100% 

  • Routine oral exams.
  • Cleanings.
  • Bitewing X-rays.  

Basic Restorative Services covered at 85% 

  • Extractions, including wisdom teeth. 
  • Root canals. 
  • Fillings. 
  • Oral Surgeries. 

Major Restorative Services Covered at 60% 

  • Dentures. 
  • Dental Implants. 
  • Initial placement of full or partial removable dentures.

Orthodontic Services covered at 50% 

  • Up to age 19. 
  • TMD benefits.
  • Molar uprighting. 
  • 12-month waiting period.

 This dental plan is the same for Active and Medicare members.

Watch the video for dental plan information!

HealthChoice Life Insurance

The HealthChoice Life Insurance Plan is a group term life insurance plan. Term life insurance pays benefits upon the death of the insured, but it has no cash surrender value. 

  • Coverage in units of $20,000.
  • Coverage up to $520,000.*
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits.**
  • Guaranteed Issue amount for new employees.
  • Dependent Life coverage.***
  • Beneficiary Form needed.

* With an approved life insurance application.   
** Only for the first $40,000 of coverage.   
*** Member must be enrolled in Basic Life.

Basic Life provides $20,000 of coverage and includes Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits. If you elect Basic Life, you can also purchase additional coverage on yourself by electing Supplemental Life. 

Supplemental Life is available in $20,000 units, and the first $20,000 of coverage includes AD&D benefits. The maximum amount of Supplemental Life available is $500,000. 

If you elect Basic Life, you can elect Dependent Life coverage for your eligible dependents. 

Your life benefits also include waiver of premium. In the event you become disabled and remain disabled, premiums for you and your covered dependents can be waived. 

For more details on life insurance refer to the handbook.

Watch the video for life plan information!

HealthChoice Disability plan

Limited Participation

Disability benefits are provided to state employees and eligible county and city employees in accordance with the provisions of O.S. 74 2001, §§ 1331, et seq. This insurance plan is designed to provide partial replacement of income lost as a result of a disabling illness or injury. This plan is not unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, Social Security Disability Insurance or disability retirement.

Member FAQs

Last Modified on Feb 06, 2024
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