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HealthChoice Providers


Guidelines, services requiring certification, and certification request forms

Fee Schedule

Recent updates and fee schedule log-in

HealthChoice Provider: Network News

In This Issue:

  • Codes requiring review
  • ABA plan limitations removed from HealthChoice 
  • Certification and claim appeals for medical and dental services
  • And more...

HealthChoice Connect Provider Log-In

Log in to view claim status, eligibility and benefits, certification requests, remittance advice, and more.

Provider Manual

The source for plan policies and information.

Provider Forms

View the most current version of HealthChoice forms in order to join the provider network or update your information.

HealthChoice Patient Services

HealthChoice can help your patients find access to low or no-cost services, mental health services, and care management services for chronic conditions

Pharmacy Benefits Information

Member co-pays and costs, prior authorization, limits, specialty medications, step therapy, and medication lists

Provider Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Last Modified on May 03, 2022