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TRICARE Supplement

Electing the TRICARE Supplement Plan - (Military Only)

TRICARE Supplement Insurance is a voluntary insurance plan designed to wrap around TRICARE to help you save on your healthcare expenses.

Due to federal laws and regulations [refer to 32 C.F.R. Section 199.8(d)(6)], the employer benefit allowance may not be used in any form for purchasing the TRICARE Supplement.

NOTE: If you do not currently have TRICARE coverage as a current or former military member, EGID cannot enroll you in TRICARE coverage, and you are not eligible for the TRICARE Supplement Plan. If you currently have TRICARE coverage and are younger than age 65, you can choose to enroll in the TRICARE Supplement Plan. Electing to purchase the TRICARE Supplement Plan means that TRICARE will be primarily responsible for your medical coverage and the supplement plan will be secondarily responsible for coverage. The plan covers the cost shares and copays, including prescription drugs; a portion of the TRICARE deductible; and excess charges up to the legal limit. By your election, you submit to the eligibility rules of TRICARE and the TRICARE Supplement Plan. These rules may be different from the rules of eligibility created by the State of Oklahoma. Medicare may become the primary insurer upon attaining eligibility for Medicare. For more information on the TRICARE Supplement Plan, refer to brochure linked below.

Last Modified on Sep 22, 2023
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