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REALS Reports

The Office of Management and Enterprise Services is statutorily charged with creating an annual report of all real property owned by the State of Oklahoma and identifying the 5% most underutilized properties. A live interactive listing of all reported properties is accessible through this Real Property Assets hyperlink.

All properties that were self-reported by Oklahoma state entities as being less than 50% utilized are captured in the report of Underutilized Property. Report of Underutilized Property. Properties were sorted by level of utilization, with the lowest level of utilization first. OMES estimates the fair market value and the local tax revenue for each property. The properties with the lowest level of utilization are sorted by the estimated value, with the highest value first. OMES determines the 5 percent most underutilized properties by identifying the 5 percent of the underutilized properties with the lowest utilization and the greatest value. More detailed information about the methodology is contained in the Real Property Asset Report.

Last Modified on Aug 09, 2023
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