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December 2023

General updates

In this newsletter, I am looking forward to sharing updates from the Capital Assets Management team. We are more than just fleet and facilities so I hope you use this resource to help navigate the many services we provide. We encourage you to explore all we offer—from IT asset management to our First Access program—to help us serve your core needs.

Since I arrived in September, our team has been drafting a strategic plan with the goal of addressing the deferred maintenance needs of state-owned buildings, as well as modernizing how we do business with construction and properties suppliers.

At CAM, we're always looking forward, communicating boldly and proactively at all levels internally and with our customers. We value your feedback and hope to make this newsletter a beneficial resource for you.


Nathan Wald
CAM Administrator

Central Printing & Interagency Mail

Did you know that Central Printing has produced over 4 million envelopes alone so far in 2023? Or that Interagency Mail has processed approximately 713,000 pieces this calendar year? Central Printing and Interagency Mail are proud to do their part in serving those who serve Oklahomans, and are doing so with over a 99% on-time success rate. 

Construction & Properties

We would like you to join CAM in welcoming Susan Torres as OMES’ new Director of Construction and Properties (CAP). Susan is a seasoned construction expert with a proven track record in project management and oversight in the public sector. Her background and passion for serving are a unique blend of skills that are sure to continue CAP’s momentum.

During her tenure at the City of OKC, she demonstrated exceptional leadership as a key player for transformational initiatives such as MAPS for Kids and MAPS 3. These diverse projects included new classroom additions, gymnasiums and renovations of critical education infrastructure. Torres also spent time at the University of Oklahoma overseeing campus construction efforts and steering teams to meet project and scope requirements without comprising quality. Prior to her work at OU, she also served in the US Navy, underscoring her commitment to public service.

We are confident she will be a driving force in shaping successful outcomes for our complex endeavors and not shy away from the hard work ahead as we focus on delivering innovative and quality property services. Welcome, Susan!

Fleet Management

Fleet agency surveys and vehicle information worksheet

Earlier this year, COO Suter shared information regarding how the governor has tasked OMES Fleet Management to partner with state agencies in conducting a complete review and accounting of the State of Oklahoma’s vehicle fleet in accordance with EO 2023-14. As a key component of this process, the Fleet Management team has made tremendous progress implementing Geotab, an enterprise solution that enables data-driven insights. Now, we are partnering with agencies to broaden the implementation.

The Agency Fleet Survey, provides key information needed to begin planning. Additionally, if an agency owns or leases vehicles from other than OMES Fleet Management, a completed Vehicle Inventory Information worksheet is also required.

Fleet Management is required to regularly report progress to OMES and state leadership.

Real Estate & Leasing Services

DHS Lawton offices grand opening

On Nov. 17, 2023, the Department of Human Services (DHS) hosted the grand opening of DHS’ new administrative and child welfare office in Lawton, OK. The grand opening was one of the milestones in an initiative that DHS launched in 2021 to transform the service and space models of the agency. 

The new DHS offices are designed to support the services DHS provides to local communities, and create functional and efficient spaces for DHS customers and staff. In order to support DHS in their aggressive efforts to transform their service model statewide, REALS worked closely with the agency to develop a Request for Proposals that enabled DHS to seek new office space in locations statewide and move with agility from one service area to the next without duplicative efforts or procedural delays. When DHS was ready to finalize terms and enter contracts in the first of the new locations, REALS and DHS developed a streamlined process for OMES review and approval of DHS lease rates and terms for the new locations. 

Since the DHS space initiative began in 2021, the REALS team has provided support to DHS in opening 32 new leased offices across the state and the sealed bid auction sales of nine underutilized properties, generating $6.3 million in proceeds.

State & Federal Surplus

Have you joined First Access yet?

This new service enables qualifying organizations to purchase State Surplus items before they are made available at auction to the general public.

Participants receive their pick of items, such as office equipment, vehicles and computers, at a reduced cost. New items are added frequently, so be sure to favorite us to receive notifications on the latest inventory.

To qualify, individuals must register as a buyer through GovDeals, the state's surplus auction website, and prove they represent an authorized state agency, school district, nonprofit or political subdivision as defined by 74 O.S. § 62.3-C.

Five easy steps to get First Access:

  1. Log in to your GovDeals account.
  2. Select the following link: State of Oklahoma – First Access.
  3. Scroll down and select Subscribe in the lower right.
  4. Provide qualification documents when a State Surplus staff member emails you.

You will receive a final email notification once you have been approved to join First Access. If you need assistance or have any questions, please email

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