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Oklahoma Employees Insurance and Benefits Board

The mission of the Oklahoma Employees Insurance and Benefits Board is to advise the Office of Management and Enterprise Services  with respect to the administration of health, dental, vision, life and disability benefits to eligible participants.

  • To that end, with the assistance of staff from the OMES Employees Group Insurance Division, the board will develop and adopt policies for recommendation to OMES regarding:
    • Evaluation and selection of employee benefit plans to be provided in a cost efficient manner by the highest quality vendors.
    • Procedures to be followed to educate participants in accessing and making elections regarding plan benefits.
    • Internal procedures for protecting the confidentiality of the personal and health information of participants.
    • Planning, investing and monitoring self-funded plan assets to maintain the long term viability of the plan.
    • Internal procedures for the adoption of policies that assure compliance with federal and state regulations.
    • Methodologies for maintaining adequate health care provider access for participants of the self-funded plans by employing reimbursement practices that are consistent with industry benchmarks.
Last Modified on Nov 15, 2023