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No matter your income level, rebuilding your life after a disaster or other emergency is challenging. Start planning now to make survival and recovery easier.

  • Put away money in an emergency savings account that can be accessed in any crisis. 

  • Keep a small amount of cash at home in a safe place, such as your fireproof and waterproof safe. It is important to have small bills on hand because ATMs and credit cards may not work during a disaster when you need to purchase necessary supplies.

  • Obtain property (homeowners or renters), health and life insurance if you do not have them. Not all insurance policies are the same. Review your policy to make sure the amount and types of coverage you have meets the requirements for all possible hazards. Homeowners insurance does not typically cover flooding, so you may need to purchase flood insurance.

  • For more helpful financial preparedness tips, download FEMA’s Emergency Financial First Aid Kit.

Last Modified on Jan 02, 2024
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