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Family Support Provider Training

The Family Support Provider is a formal member of the wraparound team whose role is to serve the family and help them engage and actively participate on the team and make informed decisions that drive the process. Family Support Providers (FSPs) exist within the Wraparound system, a strength based, needs driven planning process for families who are raising children who are experiencing mental health, behavioral or substance related challenges.

Application Process

The Family Support Provider Training uses a qualification system to determine if applicants are accepted into ODMHSAS training for the role. To apply for FSP training, the FSP Pre-Qualification Form must be filled out and sent to the Family Support Training team as detailed in the form. The average response for qualification feedback is 7 business days after the FSP Pre-Qualification Form has been emailed or faxed. If you submitted that form as directed and haven't heard back in that timeframe, you can email the FSP Team to address any issues.

FSP Certification Steps

Becoming a certified Family Support Provider can be broken down into four steps:

  1. FSP Pre-Qualification
  2. Online Wraparound 101 Training & Live 2 day Wrap 101 training.
  3. FSP Pre-Requisite e-Learning
  4. In-person FSP Training

Two online courses are required to qualify as a Family Support Provider: Wraparound 101 and FSP Pre-Requisite e-Learning. Wraparound 101 also requires 2 days of in-person training, dates of which can be found here. Online module registration is required through the eTEAM Learn platform and is free to register and particpate in both online trainings. These can be completed before or after you have completed the FSP Pre-Qualification Form and completion is required to attend the in-person FSP training before becoming a certified Family Support Provider. In-person training information is provided by the FSP team after qualification has been met and the Pre-Qualification Form has been submitted and approved.

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