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Runaway and Homeless Youth Services

Each year, thousands of U.S. youth run away from home, are asked to leave their homes or become homeless. Our Runaway and Homeless Youth (RHY) services include supports for and collaborations with street outreach, emergency shelters and longer-term transitional living to serve and protect these young people.

Host Home OK

An innovative and cost effective diversion program where youth and young adults are matched and placed in the homes of community volunteers, family friends, or supportive adults in their lives while they navigate housing, education, employment, and health care services to be able to transition to independent living.


ATLAS is supervised transitional living for system-involved youth. For more information contact Rachel Bradley.

Housing to Hope Youth Program (HHYP)

Housing to Hope Youth Program (HHYP) is a supported transitional living program for dual system involved youth and young adults ages 18-24, who have had either/or involvement in the criminal justice, child welfare, or tribal welfare system; or who have experienced street homelessness on or before their 18th birthday. Contact Shelah Farley for more information.

OKC Youth Action Board

OKC Youth Action Board is a board governed by youth and young adults 16-24 years of age with lived experience. This group meets dependent on need and assists in both city wide and statewide homeless youth program development and delivery. For more information or application to OKC YAB, please contact Richard White .

RISE Above Program (RAP)

RISE Above Program (RAP) - Statewide Housing Assistance for 6 -24 months to survivors of trafficking. For information on how to submit referral, contact Please contact Andru Dallaly.

Transition Youth Subsidy Program

The Transition Youth Subsidy Program is designed to help individuals with mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders, between the ages of 17-24, who are enrolled in an ODMHSAS designated Transition Project. afford decent, safe housing. To facilitate access to such housing, program funds are used to provide time-limited assistance to eligible applicants with housing costs such as rent, utility costs, rent deposits and utility deposits. The amount and type of assistance are determined based on individual income level and identified need. Contact Andru Dallaly for more information.

Youth and Young Adult Shelters

Youth Emergency Shelters can be found in your area using 2-1-1 hotline services.  For questions about a specific youth shelter program, you can contact Andru Dallaly.


OKC has two operating young adult shelters ( 16-25 years of age served) 

Sisu Youth Services

The Point @ Pivot

Do you need additional assistance finding housing?

We recognize that there are often significant barriers and challenges to finding safe, affordable and appropriate housing, especially for young adults. If you need assistance finding housing resources or coordinating care among several systems and provider networks or discharge planning, submit a housing assessment to Richard White.

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