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Upcoming Webinars

OFN - Oklahoma Family Network Virtual Family Support Groups Oklahoma Family Network Website Oklahoma Family Network Virtual Family Support Groups All of them invite ALL families of kids with all types of needs. These groups are private so to get connected contact the following: Panhandle Area
• Shanda Oden
For Hispanic families 
• Erica Herrera
• Terri Kimder
• Lora Roberts
Western Area
• Joni Bruce
Central Area
• Angela Donley
Youth and Young Adult Support Call Christine Cao

Clifford Sipes
Fridays, 1-2PM
Join from PC, Mac, IOS or Android:
Click: Join meeting
Enter meeting ID: 237-508-199
This is a weekly support call. It is meant to be a conversation for youth to share challenges and successes during social distancing. Youth can hear from other youth on how they have been coping during this pandemic and other stressful times. Resources will also be shared. The call is not meant to replace therapy though it can be therapeutic. Youth are invited to attend, invited to share, and invited to just sit and listen. The call will be facilitated by Christine Cao, Clifford Sipes, and youth from the Youth State Advisory. - Supporting Families During COVID-19 9am & 3:30 pm CST Facebook Live Chat Supporting Families During COVID-19

Guidance Documents

SAMHSA - Coping With Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks: English | Spanish

SAMHSA - Taking Care of Your Behavioral Health During an Infectious Disease Outbreak English | Spanish

ChildMind - Supporting Families During COVID-19 - Spanish page translations available

ChildMind - Supporting Teenagers and Young Adults During the Coronavirus Crisis - Spanish page translations available

Youth MOVEMembers of Youth MOVE Chapters have contributed resources they have found to be supportive in this time of coronavirus and required social distancing. They can be found in this Google Document

Rhode Island Regional Coalitions - Raising Healthy Teens

Mental Health & Wellness Apps

Vibrant Emotional Health - MY3App helps define your network and your plan to stay safe. With MY3 you can be prepared to help yourself and reach out to others when you are having thoughts of suicide. Provides access to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

PsyberGuide - Virtual Hope Box: Free multi-media coping skill app designed for individuals struggling with depression (particularly military service members). The four main features of Virtual Hope Box include sections for distraction, inspiration, relaxation, and coping skill options. The distraction techniques include games that require focus, like Sudoku and word puzzles.The relaxation tools can also be used with a clinical professional or other meditation partner, if desired.

Reflectly Apps - Reflectly Journal for Happiness: How you are feeling on a daily basis matters. Reflectly is a personal journal and diary driven by artificial intelligence to enable you to deal with negative thoughts, make positivity louder and to teach you about the science of well-being.

Jour - Jour Journal for Mindfulness: If you want to build a healthier and more mindful lifestyle, are facing a difficult or stressful time, want to address any negativity or anxiety in your life, or just want to feel focused and in control: Jour is here to help.

ThrivePort, LLC - Moodnotes: Mood & CBT Tracker, an easy mood tracker & journaling app to capture your mood and help you improve your thinking habits.

stoic. - stoic. all-in-One-Mental Health App: Learn how to cope with stress. Get your daily mental health tracker companion for mood tracking, journaling, meditations and reflection.

Woebot - Meet Woebot, your friendly self-care expert. Woebot can help you think through situations with step-by-step guidance from Woebot using tools from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Learn about yourself with intelligent mood tracking. Master skills to reduce stress and live happier through over 100+ evidence-based stories from our clinical team.

Ensparkle OOD - Reflect: Guided Daily Journal intelligently helps you to keep a daily reflection journal. Get smart topic suggestions related to your activities, morning invitations to think ahead of the day and evening reminders to reflect on what happened.

CHESS Health - CHESS Health created the Envoy App Envoy App to support loved ones of individuals needing treatment, in treatment, or in recovery. The App works as a companion feature to
eIntervention and eRecovery.

Education Related Resources for K-12

Khan Academy - ACT Prep Practice Exams

Last Modified on Aug 13, 2020
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