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ODMHSAS Peer-Led Community Program Reaches Milestones

Friday, December 22, 2023

HUB 107 is a peer-led ODMHSAS initiative that provides real-time services to anyone seeking assistance. They offer a welcoming environment where individuals have easy access to essential items.

Located near the Central Oklahoma Community Mental Health Center (COCMHC) Campus, HUB 107 is made up of a Certified Senior Behavioral Health Case Manager and three certified peers, one of whom is also a Certified Behavioral Health Case Manager. All HUB 107 staff have personal experience with mental health, substance abuse, trauma, military service, PTSD and even incarceration. Staff members come from backgrounds that can provide understanding and hope to those who drop in.

HUB 107 was established on August 1, 2022, as a part of a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) grant to provide social support opportunities, therapeutic and individual group interactions, assistance with employment, substance use and other community recovery supports. They aim to reach and engage a population that is critically underserved and not currently in services, individuals with symptoms of mental illness, unhoused individuals, veterans and people who use substances.

Key data from the 2022-2023 reporting period reflects the impact of HUB 107's services:

  • Over 220 days open.

  • 5,511 total contacts by 1,324 unique clients.

  • 1,676 showers provided.

  • 1,886 loads of laundry completed.

  • 1,434 instances of individuals seeking a comfortable space or coffee.

  • 284 case management appointments.

  • 418 volunteering engagements.

12,450 services, ranging from showers to housing assistance, were delivered to clients by the dedicated HUB staff. Moreover, additional outreach was extended by the Adult Outpatient Program (AOP) staff to support their clients.

“We created a drop-in center to be able to outreach folks into services, meeting them where they are and with what they need. What we didn’t know was the reparative healing capabilities of HUB 107’s unique role in the mental health and substance use community. HUB 107 has been a non-traditional source of healing for so many.” Said HUB 107’s Director of Compliance and Development, Gordon “JR” Holaday-Herrington. “We do not replace the traditional outpatient mental health services that COCMHC provides; instead, HUB 107 is open to welcoming you into your recovery journey.”

From offering necessities to aiding in job applications and providing a supportive space for recovery, HUB 107 stands as a catalyst for individuals seeking healing from various challenges, including depression, homelessness, stigma, and isolation.

COCMHC and ODMHSAS Project Manager, Muwaffaka Siyoothy-Elneser, states “Cleveland County in Oklahoma has a significant homeless population and Norman has an estimated 11% under 65 years who do not have insurance. Resources for psychosocial support for this population are inadequate in both Cleveland and McClain counties. In such an environment, HUB107 has very quickly become a highly valued community resource meeting clients where they are, playing a critical role in providing much-needed support to underserved communities in terms of services such as laundry and shower services, horticultural therapy and other groups, as well as providing linkage to mental health and housing services through COCMHC.”

HUB 107 is located at 107 Gibbs Dr, Norman, OK 73071. It is nestled next to other active community programs such as Food and Shelter, Inc., City of Norman, Thunderbird Clubhouse, Salvation Army, Transition House and more. Hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Wednesdays from 8:00 a.m. to noon.

Transportation is provided as needed to substance use treatment centers, job interviews and other community supports. HUB 107 is in contact with Norman Care-A-Van for transportation to and from the HUB and overnight shelters.

The community is invited to participate in the annual Point In Time Count (PIT Count) on January 25, 2024. Data from the PIT Count is used to learn more about individuals in the area experiencing homelessness, to identify gaps in service provided and to assist in determining the number of federal resources allocated in the county.

Further information on the PIT count and volunteering information can be found here.

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