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Oklahoma Forensic Center Career Opportunities

At the Oklahoma Forensic Center our team of highly dedicated and trained professionals live our mission of improving lives and systems through the delivery of high quality forensic mental health care. We encourage those wishing to gain forensic experience and knowledge to join our team and grow with us.

Internships and Trainings

Forensic Fellowship

The Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship in partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, Oklahoma Forensic Center provides an extensive one year training in both civil and criminal forensic psychiatry. The teaching staff consists of two forensic psychiatrists, one forensic psychologist, one attorney who is also a clinical psychologist, one forensic neuropsychologist, and one child and adolescent psychiatrist.

The forensic fellows receive their clinical training at Oklahoma Forensic Center providing patient care for those previously adjudicated Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity/Mental Illness as well as patients receiving competency to stand trial restoration. The fellows will conduct regular forensic evaluations, including both adjudicative competence and violence risk assessments, through the Oklahoma Forensic Center. Fellows will also perform legally complex forensic psychiatry consultations through Tulsa Center for Behavioral Health and Oklahoma State University Medical Center. Additionally, fellows will have the opportunity to work with legal counsel performing forensic psychiatric consultation services.

The weekly forensic psychiatry didactic courses include a Landmark Case Seminar, a Forensic Case Seminar (covering criminal, civil, adult and juvenile cases), a Forensic Topics Didactic Seminar, and a Forensic Psychological Testing/Research Seminar. Extensive supervision is provided in forensic report writing and testifying in legal settings. In addition, fellows are trained to administer, score, and testify on a range of structured assessment instruments including the assessment of general and sexual violence risk, malingering of psychosis, traumatic reactions, and cognitive impairment, competency to stand trial, and juvenile competency and risk assessment. 

Apart from annual stipend and benefits, program benefits also include a fully paid trip to attend the annual meeting of AAPL and the three day review course immediately preceding the meeting. Benefits also include the opportunity to live within walking distance of the fellows’

Forensic Fellowship Director - Dr. Jason Beaman 

Forensic Fellowship Assistant Program Director - Dr. Reagan Gill


The Oklahoma Forensic Center is a member of the Northeastern Oklahoma Internship Program (NOPIP) and offers a pre-doctoral internship that is accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA). A variety of opportunities for forensic and general clinical practice are available for our interns and training experiences are tailored to meet the intern's individual goals and interests. Assessment is a primary area for training, including evaluations of adjudicative competency and violence risk. There are also ample opportunities for generalist types of assessment, including testing for personality, psychopathology, cognitive functioning (including neuropsychological screening), and malingering. Interns also facilitate individual and group therapy for the NGRI/NGRMI population in addition to providing competency restoration training to defendants deemed incompetent for adjudication.

Due to the diversity and quantity of assessment and treatment opportunities available at OFC, interns are able to develop and hone a broad skillset during their pre-doctoral internship year. Consistent with the Practitioner-Scholar model, OFC places high importance on using science and research to inform clinical practice. We are committed to research (e.g., OFC was one of the sites for the original standardization of the Mac-CAT-CA) and staff members are actively involved in ongoing research projects, which interns are invited to be a part of. In addition, OFC qualifies for Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF).