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Oklahoma Opioid Abatement Grant

Under title 74, sections 30.3 through 30.8 create the Political Subdivisions Opioid Abatement Grants Act. It is the intent of the Legislature, through enactment of the Political Subdivisions Opioid Abatement Grants Act, to promote and protect the health of Oklahomans by using monetary grants to abate the opioid crisis in a comprehensive manner that includes cooperation and collaboration with political subdivisions. There is hereby created in the State Treasury a revolving fund for the Office of the Attorney General to be designated the "Oklahoma Opioid Abatement Revolving Fund".

Safe Oklahoma Grant

As required by Title 74, Section 20k of the Oklahoma Statutes, the attorney general has developed, and is implementing, a grant program for local law enforcement. This grant program is available for local law enforcement agencies in Oklahoma to increase their capacity to respond to violent crime in their community.

As provided for by the law, law enforcement agencies can utilize funds to reduce violent crime through priority strategies such as targeted staffing, increased technology, better analytical capabilities, enhanced community partnerships or victims services.

Last Modified on Jun 25, 2024
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