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The Oklahoma Department of Labor Should Not Be Confused With the U.S. Department of Labor

Friday, January 01, 2021

Unemployment insurance is a state-federal program administered jointly by the United States Department of Labor (“USDOL”) and, in Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (“OESC”).  The OESC accepts claims for unemployment benefits and determines the appropriate payments for qualified applicants, in accordance with state and federal requirements.  The federal Department of Labor (USDOL), in addition to working with the OESC to award UI benefits, also determines who qualifies for the receipt and continuation of additional benefits found under the federal CARES Act such as State Extended Benefits (SEB), the Oklahoma Department of Labor (ODOL) has no legal authority to intervene with these concerns.

If you are experiencing issues regarding unemployment payments, State Extended Benefits (“SEB”), or Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (“PUA”), you should contact OESC at (405)557-7100 or through their website their website  You can file a UI claim online at  Updates on UI changes related to COVID-19 can be found at  In addition, you can contact the U. S. Department of Labor at (866)487-2365 or

Labor Commissioner Leslie Osborn wishes to express her concern for Oklahomans who are struggling during this difficult time.  “Knowing which agency to contact can be a major hurdle and can become frustrating.  I hope to clear up any confusion for those needing assistance with unemployment issues.”

While the ODOL is unable to assist with UI benefits, the agency can assist with Oklahomans with wage disputes and/or workplace safety concerns.  More information can be found at  If you are experiencing such issues, please contact the ODOL's Employment Standards Division ("ESD") at 405-522-6660.  If you have questions about work related safety issues, please contact 405-521-6141.

Last Modified on Mar 07, 2022